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PT Timah Industri

From Green Metal to Green Chemical

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About Us

History of PT Timah Industry


PT Timah Industri is a subsidiary of PT Timah Tbk.

PT Timah Industri was established in 1998 focused on engineering and manufacturing services, construction services, and manufacturing mining equipment parts. The company start focusing on downstream business since 2010.

PT Timah Tbk encourages us to continue and develop our downstream business with end in mind to provide tin derivative products for industrial purposes.

PT Timah Industri is expected to be supportive toward its? parent company expansion strategic.

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Our Product

Tin Chemical have been growing rapidly. There are two types of tin compounds; the organic compounds and inorganic compounds. The organic compounds, known as organotins, have thrived into a lucrative industry within the past 50 years. Consumption of inorganic tin compounds is also on the rise. Both types of compounds acid nearly 20% of total tin metal consumed worldwide.

Because of it’s natural process of decomposing, tin is also known as the green chemical. And there at Timah Industri, we produce high quality tin stabilizers and solders to be used in various industries around the world.


PT Timah Industri implement an integrated management system ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 18001 for safety, ISO 14001 or environment, and ISO 31000 for Risk Management.

Besides law-abiding and keeping the environment safe, PT Timah Industri is also committed to implement safety management system. It is appreciated every year by the Ministri of Manpower by giving the Zero Accident award to PT Timah Industri.

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